Ausk Shur

Curious Half-orc loner; practioner of magic and other...talents


Physical Description:

Ausk stands at 6’3" with an impressive, broad frame. If he were wearing armor, he’d appear to be a fierce warrior lent a sinister air by his piercing red eyes. Instead, he’s often seen wearing leather breeches and a faded green tunic—comfortable, but certainly not protective.

He sports a short crop of dark hair and grizzled sideburns that look to be of a design more genetic and lazy than anything conceived by a fashion sense. His skin is a light gray, but in direct sunlight, appears to be a hue of light green.

Ausk hails from the prime material plane of Eberron. Born in the Eldeen Reaches in a brief, heated union between his orc father and human mother, Ausk never felt as if he truly belonged in any person’s world. In the Reaches, survival is key, so his mother trained him as a warrior. Her duties to the Gatekeepers kept her active and in harm’s way all throughout her pregnancy, and despite offers to aid her, she fully ignored her former lover’s advances. “It was just a phase,” she would say of Ausk’s father, marginalizing his influence in his life. “I just wanted to see what being with an orc would be like.” Never words one would consider from the mouth of one’s mother.

Early childhood was challenging. Living in the wilds with a constant threat of attack, Ausk prepared himself through exercise and immersion in the natural world. Gifted with an innate, insatiable curiosity, he wasn’t afraid to ask the questions necesarry to understand his world. His mother’s mission to thwart the incursion of aberrations have trained him to be calculating and aware.

Ausk has a problem letting things lie: he’s curious to a fault at times. To his credit, he manages to solve most of the mysteries to which he sets his mind, but sometimes at the temporary cost of his sanity.

Ausk Shur

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